LED Tube Light (T5 90cm 10W)

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LED Tube Light (T5 90cm 10W)

Product Description

1. Power: 10W
2. Size: 873x15mm
3. Material: Aluminium Alloy base+ PC cover
4. LED: 144PCS super bright 3528 SMD
5. Input voltage: AC 85-264V
6. Color temperature: White light-5200-5500K 5500-5800K 5800-6100K 6100K- 6500K warm white light-2700-3000K 3000-3300K 3300-3600K
7. Luminous Flux: 680lm
8. CRI: White light>75Ra warm white light>70Ra
9. Working temperature: -40-50 degree
10: Beam angle: 135 degree
11. Lifespan: 50000hours
12. Certification: CE and RoHS
13. Warranty: Two years

This product adopts LED with high brightness and low decaying, strong luminous intensity, large scattering Angle, wide illuminating area. Various wavelength is optional, no ultraviolet and infrared spectrum. And use dedicated high performance LED driver, no stroboscopic, high conversion efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, long lifespan
Product features:
1. Energy saving: The same brightness, than incandescent bulbs saving electricity was above 90%, than common energy-saving lamps electricity saving 50% 70%.
2. The green environmental protection: Traditional fluorescent lamp contains a large number of mercury vapor, if broken, it can volatilize to the atmosphere and cause environmental pollution. LED lamp is lead-free environmental protection product, do not contain heavy metals no ultraviolet injection, do not harm the skin, be helpful for the human eye protection. The whole is renewable material.
3. Produce less heat: Traditional lamps and lanterns will produce large amounts of heat energy, and LED the lamp is the heat energy into light energy, do not produce a lot of heat, won't cause energy waste.
4. No noise: When using LED lamps and lanterns, no noise, applicable to use precision electronic instrument place, the library office and other places.
5. No stroboscopic: Traditional fluorescent lamp use alternating current, every second 50 times will produce stroboscopic, LED lamp transfer AC to DC, won't produce flashing phenomenon, be helpful for protecting eyes.
6. No mosquito worry: LED won't produce ultraviolet ray, so it won't have many mosquito around to the light source, the environment become more clean and avoid mosquito spread disease
7. LED fluorescent lamp color choice a wide range, in 3000 ~ 8000 K can be arbitrary choice.
8. Fast response time: Normal work environment temperature is -40 to 50 degree, not like the traditional light activated when the flashing, namely open that is bright. With fast speed.
9. Reliability: Belong to solid cold light source, single pipe epoxy encapsulation, there are traditional lamp filament break easily, fragile, reliability is more than five times as much as the traditional light source.
10. Wide working voltage, can do global general, avoid the traditional fluorescent lamp because the network voltage too high or low and can't work normally, or with the voltage fluctuation fluctuate with the brightness of the ills.
11. Long life: Lifespan can reach 50000 hours or more and 10 times than traditional light source. Furthermore, using for a long time without replacement, In case damage accur, it can still maintain and reduce costs, more applicable to replace the place where is difficult to change. If traditional fluorescent lamp damage, it can't reuse, and need to replace frequently, hard to replace. The place where using switch often, such as the stairs, the traditional fluorescent lamp lifespan is more short, and these weaknesses never accur to LED.

Applications: Instead of the indoors ceiling light /Conference / Meeting room, Show Room / Commercial Complexes / Factories / Offices /Super-markets / Residential / Institution buildings

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